GetWardrobe for stylists

Become a Stylist on GetWardrobe
Ready to help clients unlock their style potential? Let's get you started!
Switch to stylist mode

Tap your avatar in the top left corner of the main screen.

Then swipe down and tap "Switch to stylist mode."

On the Stylist Mode benefits screen, tap "Start now."

Choose your subscription plan (Annual or Monthly).

Set up your stylist profile

Enter your name for clients to see. Then, tap the "Continue" button.

Add a profile picture (so clients can get to know you!). For this tap on the person icon in the center of the screen.

After adding a profile picture, tap "Submit".

Complete your profile by tapping the "Settings" icon.

In your profile, you can add:
  • Your professional skills
  • A link to your website
  • Your service agreement

Once you've added this information, tap "Save."

To switch back to user mode, tap "Switch to user mode" at the bottom of the Profile screen.

You can also manage your subscription, sign out, or delete your account here.

Adding clients
There are two ways to add clients:
  • with an existing Account in the GetWardrobe app
  • without an existing Account in the app - creating a new account
Existing account

To add a client tap '+ Add new client'.

Enter the client's registered email address and tap 'Submit.'

Confirm the client and send an invitation.

You already can send advice to the client. The "Switch to client" button is inactive. Wait for confirmation that your invitation has been accepted before proceeding to the client's wardrobe.

New account (client without GetWardrobe account)

Tap "+ Add new client", just like before.

Enter the client's email address and tap "Submit".

Tap "Create an account on behalf of my client" to create a new account.

"Create an account on behalf of my client" means the client automatically gets a Premium subscription as part of being your client.

Enter client's name. Then, tap the "Right arrow" button.

Select the gender by tapping on one of the options. Gender affects the clothing categories shown to them.

Tap the "Create account" button.

You'll now see an activation link and code for their account.

An activation link and code will be available to send later. You can find it on the main screen under the name of the created account.

Adding advice to client

Tap "Add advice" on a client card.

Then again tap "Add advice".

Fill in the body (text) and link (optional) sections for your advice. Then, tap "Submit".

The client will see advice on the main screen.

You and your client can see the advice history.

Switching to a client's wardrobe
Tap "Switch to client". You can immediately access newly created client accounts.

Clients with the GetWardrobe account need to accept your invitation first.

Explore their wardrobe! You can:
  • Add clothes
  • Create outfits
  • Plan outfits
  • Create packing lists
  • Create capsule wardrobes
  • Like and comment on clothes and outfits

To switch back to your stylist account tap the "Down arrow" icon next to the client's name.

Then tap "Back to own account".

By following these steps, you can easily add clients and help them achieve their style goals!