Discover unexpected combinations that you might never have considered before. Explore and experiment to find your unique fashion sense!
With GetWardrobe Combinations, you can:
  • Discover unexpected item combinations from GetWardrobe's AI, helping you explore new possibilities with your wardrobe.
  • Save your favorite combinations for future use and effortless outfit creation.
  • Make informed shopping decisions by considering pairings with your existing wardrobe.
  • Choose new items that complement your existing wardrobe, considering combinations with your current items.

How to access an item Combinations

On the Clothes screen, tap on an item whose combinations you want to view.
Another way is to long-tap on an item and select "Combinations" from the pop-up menu.
On the item screen, tap the Combos number card. The number on the Combos card means the combinations you have marked for this item.

Viewing AI Combinations

You can see combinations from GetWardrobe AI on the Combinations screen.

A color-coded line under each item shows its compatibility with the main item. A predominantly blue line indicates a poor match, while a predominantly orange line indicates a good match. The most compatible items according to AI are at the top, scrolling down you can see less compatible items.
Select the category to see combinations of the main item with items in that category. You can also use filters to reduce the number of items.

Mark Favorite Combinations

Tap the Star icon on an item card to mark it as a favorite. The star icon will turn orange.
GetWardrobe AI considers your favorite combinations when generating automatic outfits.
To mark that items don't match, tap the "thumbs down" icon on the item card of either one.

Filter Matching Items

To filter items by compatibility and view all compatible items, tap the Star icon once in the upper right corner.
The Star icon will turn orange to indicate compatible items are shown, including those you marked as favorites and AI suggestions.
Tap the Star icon again to see only your favorite compatible items. The Star icon will turn solid orange to show this filter is active.
Tap the star icon again to see all items. The star will turn gray.

Create a matching outfit

Tap on item cards to add them to your outfit. Selected items will be grouped together
Once you've chosen everything, tap the Outfit icon to create a look.
To exit the Combinations screen, tap the back arrow in the top left corner.
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