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In the outfit editor, you can add elements, rearrange clothing layers and levels, and craft stunning outfits.
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To access the outfit editor, you can either create a new outfit or select an existing outfit and choose the option to edit it.

To access the Outfit Editor by creating a new outfit, long-tap an item on the Clothes screen and select "Create outfit" from the pop-up menu.
You can also access the Outfit Editor by creating an outfit with the "Add to Wardrobe" menu or by creating an automatic outfit and then saving it.
The Outfit Editor screen opens with the items you have selected.

Adding items to the outfit

You can add as many items as you like. To add items to the outfit, tap the green button with the "+" icon at the bottom of the screen.
Within the pop-up menu, you'll find the option to add: items through combinations, clothing, text, photo, and color.

Select "Combinations" in the pop-up menu to add items to the outfit.
Adding text, photos, and color to the outfit is available only in the Premium subscription.
On the combinations screen, you can add several items based on their combinations with the items in the outfit. Items already included in the outfit on the combinations screen have the "lock" icon.
You can also add items using "Clothing"; for this, select "Clothing" from the pop-up menu.
On the Clothes screen, choose the items you want to add. Already selected items are marked with grey dots and newly selected ones with blue ones. To cancel adding an item, tap the item again.
Once you have chosen all the items, tap the green button displaying the total number of selected items in the screen's lower right corner.
In the Outfit Editor, you can view, edit the item or lock it in the outfit.

Adding text to the outfit

To add text, select "Text" from the pop-up menu. Then, enter a text you want to add to the outfit.
Choose a font from the provided options by tapping on it. When you're ready to include the text, tap the "checkmark" icon in the upper right corner.
Once the text is added, you can customize it by adjusting the font, and style (italic or bold), changing the text color, or locking the text in place.

Adding photo to the outfit

To add a photo, select "Photo" from the menu. You have various options: upload a photo from your gallery, select a file from your device, take a photo using your device's camera from within the Getwardrobe app, or download an image from the internet using a URL link.
After adding a photo, you can edit it by tapping the "Pencil" icon.
On the photo editing screen, you can: remove the background, crop an image, rotate right, rotate left, or flip vertically or horizontally.
To remove the background from the photo, tap "Remove background". Select one of the proposed neural networks to remove the background. Using different neural networks, you get different results.
To save the background removal, tap the "Save" button. Otherwise, tap the "Cancel" button.
To save all edit changes to the image, tap "Save" on the screen of editing the photo.

Adding color or a background to the outfit

To enhance your outfit, you can add color, for example, to add a background to an outfit. To add a color, select "Color" from the pop-up menu "Add to outfit".
Next, pick a color by either selecting one from the suggested colors by tapping it or accessing the palette menu by tapping the "Pencil" icon to explore a broader range of color choices.
On the palette screen, you can manually select the appropriate colors. By moving the slider, you can select a color. Driving along the horizontal scale, you can choose a shade.
To add color to the outfit, tap "Save".
To set the color as the background, tap "Background" with the color icon highlighted.
To change the color of the background, tap the "palette" icon.
To remove the color of the background, tap "Background" again.

Editing and arranging items in the outfit

To create a cute outfit from the items, you can bring items to the front or back, flip vertically, flip horizontally, adjust opacity, rotate, resize, and delete items.
To switch between the elements of the outfit, tap the item in the outfit or in the list of elements at the bottom of the screen. The selected item has a blue outline, and its icon at the bottom of the screen has a blue background.
To zoom in on the outfit, move the "magnifier" icon located at the top of the screen.
The outfit can be zoomed in as much as possible to its height. Then to move the outfit to the right or left, use the "back arrows" icon at the bottom of the screen.
Tap the "checkmark" icon in the upper right corner to save the outfit.

Adding information about the outfit

On the outfit properties screen, you can change the outfit's Name instead of automatic with the serial number of the outfit.
In the "Description" field, you can add a description for your outfit.
To better organize your outfits, you can attach hashtags that can be used for filtering by typing a # symbol and adding relevant keywords. You can add multiple hashtags for each outfit to improve the organization. Once you've added hashtags to an outfit, they will be available for future use as smart hashtags.
In the "Weather" field, you can set the temperature for the outfit. Tap the square icon in the weather field to set a temperature range that helps the Getwardrobe app suggest outfits in the calendar according to the weather forecast.
Move the sliders to the right or left to adjust the temperature range.
Additionally, you can indicate if the outfit suits snow or rain by tapping "Rain" or "Snow".
In the Seasons field, you can set the season for the outfit by tapping on one or multiple seasons.
In the "Occasion" field, you can mark activities or events for which the outfits are suitable, and the selected occasion will be displayed in the primary outfit information. You can choose one or multiple occasions by tapping on them.
After adding information about the outfit, don't forget to tap the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.
If you don't want to save changes, tap the "x" icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
Then tap "Discard changes".
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