Planning Outfits in GetWardrobe App

Plan your outfits to reduce morning stress and organize your life. Discover what you truly wear, track your outfit usage, and make smarter shopping decisions.
Planning Outfits

Tap the PLAN label to move to the PLAN tab.

Planning OOTD
To plan an outfit for today, tap the "+" button in the center of the screen.
To plan an outfit for another day, select another date from the dateline or use the GetWardrobe calendar to find more dates. You can plan several outfits per day.
To plan outfits for another Family Member, tap their avatar.

Select an outfit by tapping on it.

Use filters to find the outfit faster. You can also find outfits by occasion by tapping the appropriate group.

To select outfits based on the weather in your city, tap the cloud icon. The number on the cloud icon shows the number of weather-appropriate outfits for the selected day.
You can also create a new outfit directly from the outfit selection screen by tapping the "+" icon in the upper right corner. (How to create an outfit?)
To exit the outfit selection screen, tap the back arrow in the top left corner.

Once selected, the outfit will appear on the PLAN tab instead of the "+" icon.

Unplanning an Outfit

To unplan an outfit, tap the planned outfit and select "Unplan outfit" from the pop-up menu.

Outfits by Weather
GetWardrobe AI suggests outfits based on the weather in your city. To view all the outfits offered by AI, scroll to the right.

To view Outfits for Weather, make sure your outfits specify the temperature they are suitable for.

To plan an outfit from Outfits for Weather, tap the outfit and select "Plan outfit" from the pop-up menu.

If the current weather cannot be determined, outfits will be selected randomly.
Planning in the Calendar

To plan outfits using the calendar (for dates later than one week or earlier) tap the Calendar icon on the PLAN tab.

Select a date by tapping on it.

Select an outfit.

You can choose from all outfits by tapping "Select from all" or from Outfits for Weather if the weather is detected.

You can plan several outfits per day. Tap "Add More" to schedule another outfit for the same day in the calendar.

To cancel a planned outfit, tap a planned outfit in the calendar, then tap the red "-" icon from the pop-up menu.

Synchronizing with Device Calendar
To plan outfits based on events in your device calendar, synchronize the app with the device calendar. For this tap the green checkmark icon next to "Show events from device calendar?" on the PLAN tab.

To refuse synchronization, tap the red "x" icon.

The planned outfit will appear on the calendar for the selected date.

Once synchronized, events from your device calendar will appear on the PLAN tab.

Why Plan Outfits?
Planning helps you become more aware of your wardrobe and what you actually wear.
On the PLAN screen, under Outfits for weather, you can view Facts - useful information about your wardrobe from GetWardrobe:
  • Outfit Usage: GetWardrobe tracks how often you wear outfits so you can see what you're wearing and what you're not.
  • Average Outfit Cost: Getwardrobe calculates the average cost of an outfit, helping you understand how much you're spending on them.
The Facts feature is available with a Premium Subscription.
To see Facts about your wearing statistics, scroll down to Facts on the PLAN tab. To see all the facts, scroll right.

That's all! Now you're ready to create your outfit calendar.

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