Getwardrobe app settings

In the app settings, you can change information about yourself, ask a question, sign out or delete your account, etc.
To access the settings, tap your Avatar icon in the upper left corner of the main screen.

Profile settings

Avatar, Name, Privacy
Within the Profile, you can modify your account's avatar, name, and privacy settings. To access the Profile settings, tap the Profile field.
To access the settings for a specific section, tap on that field.
To change the avatar, tap "Change" in the upper right corner of the Profile Picture field.
You can upload a photo from your gallery, select a file from your device, take a photo using a device's camera from within the Getwardrobe app, or download an image from the internet using a link URL.
To change the name, tap "Change" on the right side of the Display name field.
Then input a new one. To save a new name, tap the "Save" button.
In the About you field, you can add information about yourself, such as the name of your Instagram or TikTok profile or any other information. This information will be visible on your profile to other users.

To add information, tap "Change" in the "About you" field and add information. Then tap the "Save" button.


You set your privacy preferences when you created your account, and you can change them here. There are two privacy modes available: Private and Public. In Private mode, only your approved followers can view your outfits and items, and no one can follow you without your permission. In Public mode, all users can see your outfits and items and follow you without your approval.

To change the privacy mode, tap "Change" next to "Privacy Mode".
To change the Privacy mode, tap the big "lock" icon. Then tap the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.
Additionally, you can set separate privacy settings for your outfits and items, allowing you to customize their privacy independently from the overall privacy mode of your wardrobe.

To set the privacy for outfits, tap one of the modes: Private, Followers, or Public. The Public mode remains the same as the overall privacy setting, where everyone can see your wardrobe. The Follower mode lets your followers view your items and outfits in the wardrobe. In the Private mode, nobody can see your wardrobe, including your followers; however, those you have granted access to, such as your stylist, will still be able to see your wardrobe.
To set privacy for items, select one of the privacy modes by tapping it.
To exit the profile settings, tap the "left arrow" icon in the screen's top left corner.
To exit any section within the settings, tap on the "arrow" or "cross" icon in the upper left corner of the screen.


The Premium subscription page outlines the advantages accessible to you upon purchasing a subscription. If you already have a Premium subscription, it also provides details about the status of it. If you don't have a premium subscription yet, here you can select a premium subscription option that suits you and subscribe.

To purchase a premium subscription, tap "Premium plans" and select the one that suits you.


In the appearance settings, you can choose the app's mode. The Getwardrobe app has two modes: a light theme and a dark theme. To switch between themes (with the default being the light theme), tap on the "Appearance" field and select either "Set dark theme" or "Set light theme".

Wardrobe access

Within the wardrobe access settings, you can grant access to your wardrobe to a stylist or friend. Additionally, you can see who has given you access to their wardrobe in the "You have access" section.

To grant access to your wardrobe, tap the "Person +" icon in the upper right corner of the Wardrobe access screen.
Grant access to the wardrobe is available only in the Premium subscription.
To provide access to someone, enter their email address. You can grant full access, allowing the person to add, edit, and delete items in your wardrobe. To give full access, slide the toggle switch to the right. Finally, tap the blue "Grant access" button at the bottom of the screen.
To revoke access or modify the access conditions for your wardrobe, such as changing from partial to full access, tap on the respective person's field in the "Access provided" list.

To completely cancel access, tap the red "Revoke access" button. To modify access between partial and full, slide the toggle switch to the right or left accordingly.


In Statistics, you can access information about your wardrobe since you registered in the Getwardrobe app. The data is organized by year, allowing you to see your expenditure on items, outfits, and planning. This includes insights into your most frequently worn item and outfit, as well as the number of times you planned outfits in the app's calendar. If you have a family wardrobe, you can also view this information separately for each family member's wardrobe.


Family wardrobe is available only in the Premium subscription.
Here, you can add the wardrobes of your children or loved ones. To add a new family member, tap the "+" icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
To register a family member, enter their name and add a photo. Then specify whether it's a men's or women's wardrobe to ensure proper categorization of items.
Finally, tap the "Save" button in the top right corner of the screen.
To remove a family member, select their profile by tapping it on the Family screen and then tap the "Delete family member" button. Then confirm your decision to delete the family member.


To change the app's language, tap the "Language" field and select a language by tapping it.
Then, tap the "Set Language" button at the bottom of the screen. After a short while, the app language will be changed to the selected language.


It is essential to specify your precise location to provide accurate weather forecasts. To set your location, tap on the "City" field.
Then, begin typing the name of the city where you are currently located, and a list of matching city names will appear based on the letters you have entered. Select the desired city from the list.
Then, tap the "Save" button to change the city.


To update your account email address, enter the new one in the input field and tap the "Save" button to save the changes.


Here you can customize the frequency of notifications: immediate, once a day, or never. Also, you can choose the types of notifications you want to receive, such as new comments, new likes, new followers, application updates, shopping news (news from Getwardrobe app partners), and tomorrow's outfits.

To adjust the notification delivery frequency, tap on the desired frequency option.
To choose which notifications to receive, tap the "square" icons next to their names.


To change your account password, tap the "Password" field, enter a new password, and then tap the "Set new password" button.


To change your gender, tap on the "Gender" field and select your desired gender by tapping it.


base currency, additional currencies
You can customize the main and additional currencies. The base currency is the default currency for cost-related fields, and statistical information is reported in the base currency.

To set the main currency, tap the "expand" icon to open the list of currencies. From there, choose the desired currency by tapping on it.
To select additional currencies, tap them in the Additional currencies field. Checkmarks will appear next to the selected currencies.


Temperature, weight, length
Here you can set the units for temperature, weight, and length. First, tap on the "Units" field.
Then, on the Set units screen, select your preferred temperature, weight, and length measurement units by tapping them.

Filter by body weight

You can enable or disable the Filter by body weight in the app. If the filter is enabled, you can see it in the clothing filters and filter items based on the body weight that suits them best. To enable the filter, tap on the Filter by body weight field, then slide the toggle switch to the right. If you want to disable the filter, slide the toggle switch to the left.

Synchronization with

Synchronization with happens automatically, but if you want to speed up the process, tap the "Synchronization with" field and then tap the "synchronize" button.
Rate the app
To rate the application or write a review, tap on the "Please rate the app" field, and you will be redirected to either Google Play or the App Store automatically.
Ask question or report problem
To ask a question or report a problem, tap the "Ask question/report problem" outlined button.
Then, fill in the "Subject" and "Message Text" fields with the necessary details regarding your inquiry or issue.
Sign out
To log out of your account, tap the "Sign out" outlined button. Please note that once you tap the button, you will be immediately logged out of your account, so make sure you want to proceed with signing out.
Delete account
To delete your account, tap the "Delete account" outlined button.
About app
By tapping on the "About app" outlined button, you can access information about the Getwardrobe app licenses.
Download archive
To download your wardrobe (items, outfits) from the app in a zip format, tap the "Download archive".
Please keep in mind that once you've downloaded the archive, you won't be able to upload it back into the app.
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