How to delete an account from the Getwardrobe app?

To delete an account, go to the settings. Tap your Avatar icon in the upper left corner of the main screen.
Scroll down the settings page, and you will see the "Delete account" outlined button. Tap the "Delete account" outlined button to delete the account.
Your account will not be deleted immediately. You will have a chance to refuse deletion or confirm deletion. If you change your mind about deleting your account, select "No, I've changed my mind".
If you used a third-party account (Apple, Google, Facebook) to create your account with Getwardrobe, you may need to sign in again to continue deleting your account.
To delete your account, select one of these options:
  • Yes, I am not satisfied with functionality.
  • Yes, and I don't want to share why.
  • Yes, and that's why: [reason].
We would love to know why you are deleting your account so that we can make the app better. However, we understand that you may not want to share your reasons. It is entirely up to you.
When you delete your account, all of your data will be permanently deleted. This includes your profile information, items, outfits, and packing lists. You will not be able to recover your data once your account has been deleted.
Please note: Deleting your account is permanent.
That's it!
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