Filters for clothing items

To access clothing filters, go to the "Clothes" screen and tap the "Filter" icon (three horizontal bars) located in the upper right corner.

How to filter clothing items by Family members?

The filter by Family members is only available in the Premium subscription.
By default, all items in your wardrobe are displayed, and the filter is inactive, indicated by grey outlines around the avatar.

To filter items by family members, tap the avatar of the desired family member. This will change the avatar outline to green, indicating that the filter is active.
Note that selecting a family member affects the counters of other filters. Other filters don't do this.

How to filter clothing items by season?

To filter items by season, tap the "expand" icon and select the corresponding season by tapping it. For example, if you want to see winter clothes, tap "Winter".
To filter clothes that do not have a designated season, choose "No season".

How to filter clothing items by best fit (body weight)?

To filter by body weight, tap the "expand" icon. To set the weight, tap on one of the columns or write in the weight. You can also select weight by tapping "+" or "-" icons.
To filter clothes without selected weight, tap the "Items with no weight".
Please note that the body weight filter may be disabled in your app. To activate the filter, go to the application settings.

How to filter clothing items by status?

All items in the wardrobe have a status, so there is no filter for items without a status.

To filter items by status, tap the "expand" icon.
To filter by status, select one or more statuses by tapping them. To select all statuses at once, tap the blue "Select all" label.

How to filter clothing items by size?

To filter items by size, tap the "expand" icon to see all sizes. Then, select a size or more sizes by tapping it.
If you have multiple dimensions, you can select dimensions in the search.

How to filter clothing items by colors?

First, tap the "expand" icon to view all color groups. Then, select a color group or some color groups by tapping the groups you want.
What are color groups? All item colors in the app are assigned to one of the color groups specified in the filters. The Getwardrobe app assigns the color of an item to the closest color group.
To filter items without colors, select "No color".

How to filter clothing items by tags?

To filter items by Tags, tap the "expand" icon and then select the tag by tapping it.
To filter items without tags, tap "No tag".

How to filter clothing items by brands?

To filter clothes by brand, tap the "expand" icon and select a brand.
Select "No brand" under brand names to filter items with unmarked brands.

How to filter items by packing lists?

The filter by Packing lists is only available in the Premium subscription.
If you have packing lists, you can filter items by them. To filter clothes, select one of packing lists or "Not on any packing list".

How to filter items by visibility for other users?

In this filter, you can filter items based on their Privacy, which determines whether your items are visible to other app users.

To filter items, tap the "expand" icon and select one of the modes: private, followers, or public.
After selecting all the desired filters, tap the big blue "Apply filters" button at the bottom of the screen.
To clear all filters, tap the "Clear filters" label in the upper right corner of the screen.
When any filters are applied, the filter icon turns red on the Clothes screen.
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