Edit a clothing item
How to start edit an item?
To edit an item, go to the "Clothes" screen by tapping the "Clothes" icon on the main screen.
On the "Clothes" screen, long-press on an item and select "Edit" from the menu that appears.
Another way to begin editing an item is by tapping the pencil icon on a clothing screen.
How to add or edit images of an item?
To edit images of an item, tap on the pencil icon in the lower-left corner of the image area.
On a photo editing screen, you can: remove background, crop an image, rotate right, rotate left, flip vertically or horizontally, delete an image, or add more photos.
To remove background from an image, tap on the "Remove background" button.
To change the main image of an item, select an image and tap on the "set main photo" label in the upper left corner of the image area.
You can add up to five images of an item. To do this, tap on the camera icon and add photos.
You can upload a photo from your gallery, select a file from a device, take a photo using a device's camera from within the app, or download an image from the internet using a link URL.
Privacy of an item
Item privacy is a feature that allows you to control the visibility of your items to other users. So, "public" mode will make your clothes available for viewing by other users, in "private" mode, only you can see your clothes.

The default item privacy mode is configured in the account settings. All added clothing items will have a privacy mode specified in the account settings. However, you can change the privacy mode for specific items.

To set the privacy mode for an item, tap on the "lock" icon in the upper right corner.
Tap on one of the modes to select the privacy mode for an item.
How to assign an item to a specific family member?
Family wardrobe is available only in the premium version.
By default, newly added items will belong to the owner of the wardrobe.

To assign an item to another family member, tap on a family member's avatar. This will change an avatar's border to green, indicating that an item belongs to that family member.
How to add a brand of an item?
To specify a brand, tap on the brand field and type its name.
A list of brand names that begin with those letters will appear as you type. Choose a brand you need from a list.
If a brand you are looking for is not on a list, you can add it by tapping on the blue "plus" icon in the right corner of the field.
Enter the name of a new brand and tap the "Save" button.
How to edit a title of an item?
The app automatically generates a title for a new item, but you can edit it as needed.
You can add more details or remove unnecessary words to make a title more accurate and descriptive.
How to set a status of an item?
The status refers to the condition of an item. For example, "active use" status means that the item is in good condition and you can wear it. You can also choose other statuses such as "temporarily out", for example, if the item is currently in an inaccessible place; "to sell", or "to give away", and others.

All newly added items have the "active use" status by default.
To change the status, tap on the expand icon and select the suitable status from the list.
If an item has a status other than "Active use", any outfits containing that item will be marked as inactive.
How to set colors for an item?
To set colors for an item, tap on the Colors field.
The application automatically assigns colors for an item, with the first color being the main one. You can change the main color by selecting another one from the row. After that, tap on the "Set as main color" button.
You can edit an item's colors by photo or by palette.

To change colors by photo: moving your finger by the image of an item, the color you have chosen in the row of colors will vary. Try to choose a place in the photo where an item's color is displayed the best, so you can more accurately mark an item's color in the application.

To switch between the palette and the photo screens, tap on the palette/photo icon in the upper right corner.
On the palette screen, you can manually select the appropriate colors. By moving the slider around, you can select a color. Driving along the horizontal scale, you can choose a shade.
To remove any extra colors, tap on the "x" icon
To exit the color editing screens, tap on the arrow icon in the upper left corner on either the palette or photo screens.
How to set a season for an item?
An item can be assigned one or more seasons or no season at all. To set a season for an item, tap on one of the seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter.
If an item is assigned a season, it will only be combined in automatical outfits with items of the same season. Therefore, do not assign a season if you want to combine it with all clothes.
How to add a link to an item?
The link will appear automatically if an item is downloaded from an online store.

However, if you add an item another way, the link field will be empty. To add a link, you can copy it from an online store and paste it into the link field manually.
How to set the size for an item?
To set the item's size, indicate the size most convenient for you or the size indicated by the manufacturer.
How to set the best fit body weight for an item?
If your weight tends to fluctuate, it may be helpful to specify the weight at which an item fits well. To do this, tap on the square icon.
To select the suitable weight range, move the sliders to the right and/or left.
You can specify the weight in kg or pounds. You can change the measure of weight in the settings.

Note that the "For weight" field may be inactive, but you can enable it by following the instructions provided here.
How to add the purchase price?
To keep track of the cost of your wardrobe, it's important to add the purchase price of an item. You can add the price in the currency that suits you.
To see all available currencies, tap on the expand icon in the purchase price field.
Scroll up or down to select the suitable currency.
Adding a price is essential for statistics as it enables the app to calculate the total cost of your wardrobe, the cost of each outfit, the price of each outfit per use, and the price of each item per use. You can view this information on the main screen under the "Shopping" tab, where the total wardrobe cost is displayed.
When you add the cost of clothes, you can select from different currencies. However, on the main screen, the cost will be shown in the currency that you have set as your main currency in the app's settings (setting base currency).
How to add the purchase date?
Specifying the date of purchase is also crucial for statistics. By adding the purchase date of an item, the app includes its cost in the total spent on the wardrobe for that year. If you don't specify the purchase date, you won't be able to track how much you spent on your wardrobe in different years.

To add the purchase date, tap on the date field.
You can select a date using the calendar or enter it manually. To choose a date on the calendar, change the year by tapping on the expand icon; to change the month, tap on the arrows. To save a date, tap on the "Ok" label.
You can also enter a date manually in the date field. To do this, tap on the pencil icon.
Here, enter a date in the month, day, and year format using a forward slash. To save a date, tap on the "Ok" label.
How to add item care information?
Adding care information to an item is important to know how to take care of it in the future, especially considering that the information on the label may wear off or the tag may be cut off.

To add care information, tap on the "Care" field. You can mark what kind of care your clothes need by switching between tabs: Washing, Bleach, Drying, Ironing, and Professional care.
To specify a washing mode, tap on the "Wash" icon and select the appropriate option from the list of washing modes.
In the same way, indicate the modes of bleaching, drying, ironing, and professional care.
How to add a note for an item?
Item note is visible only to you; even if your wardrobe is public, your note remains private. Only users you have provided access to your account can see your notes.

To add a note for an item, tap on the "Notes" field. There you can write any additional information that might be important to know about an item. For example, you could note that the item was a gift or include any special care instructions.
How to add tags for an item?
By tags, you can filter clothes in your wardrobe. You can add an unlimited number of tags.

In tags, you can specify the information, for example, where an item is stored or for what occasion you wear it. For example, you can mark all clothes for the office with the tag "office", and, if necessary, filter out office clothes. Or, for example, use the following tags: "On a date", "Favorites", "In the garage", "90s", etc.

If you have existing tags, you can choose from them by tapping on them.
To add a new tag, tap on the pencil icon on the right side of the tags field.
Enter a new tag in the input field.
To save the new tags, tap on the "+" icon or "Done" button.
After adding a new tag, select it among the tags.
You cannot edit existing tags but can delete them if you no longer need them.
How to save changes?
After adding or changing any characteristic of an item, don't forget to tap the "Save" button at the bottom of the item's editing page.
If you do not want to save your changes, tap on the "x" icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
Then tap on "discard changes".
That's it!